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    Prefabricated / Modular Buildings
Speedhouse Prefab

Speed House Prefab

SPEED HOUSE PREFAB, a subsidiary of SPEED HOUSE GROUP, is one of the top rated manufacturers of modern, innovative and sustainable prefab structures and modular buildings in the MENA region. The efforts our team put into designing our units along with the technical specification of the product make our finished product cost effective, efficient and durable.

  • LGS Light Gauge Steel
    CFS (Cold Formed Steel) BUILDINGS

    Offering all-round advantages, the light gauge steel building is not only lighter but also more appealing in terms of quality, cost and durability of the structure. Bespoke design, offsite construction and fast-track installation have contributed to its growth & acceptance worldwide.

    Flat Pack

    The use of the flat pack unit is gaining popularity with the construction industry, especially for projects at remote sites. The oil & gas, mining & mineral as well as power& energy sectors are the main clients because of its distinct advantages: joinability, stackability, ease of installation and lower transportation cost.

    Mobile Caravans

    Designed for a vast array of onshore and offshore applications, our modular systems are designed and fabricated in UAE. Fully certified for worldwide use and built to the highest standards we utilize many key components that are fabricated in-house.

    Container solutions

    The growing recognition of ISO marine shipping container, as a structural unit, to cater to both the commercial and residential needs has revolutionized the industry. It comes to the rescue when there is a requirement of extra space without compromising on quality and attractiveness.

  • Prefabricated Governmant Buildings

    With an in-house team of expert architects, engineers, and technicians, we have successfully designed, manufactured and delivered various permanent and semi-permanent prefabricated structures from a single unit to multi-story buildings for the state governments across the GCC region.

    Prefabricated Villas and Residential Buildings

    Prefab building has been in use in South Asia for over two decades. However, it saw a late entry into the Middle East as far as high-rise building is concerned. With a hefty investment by the governments for infrastructure development in rural and urban settings, high days of prefabricated residential units are just around the corner.

    Prefabricated Commercial Buildings

    Prefab construction has penetrated the home turf of conventional construction because of easiness in construction and installation. Project investors and developers fall back upon this concept when the budget is tight and time is limited to constructing commercial buildings like Shopping Malls, Exhibition Halls or pop-up retail outlets

    Prefabricated Military Defence Camps

    Speed House Prefab specializes in custom-building camps which can be quickly constructed in the factory and installed on the site for residential & storage purposes. We are proud to have worked with the governments, NGO's & MNC's in the MENA for wide ranging projects.

  • External Walls
    Boundry WALLS

    For a quick and permanent solution, our CFS boundary walls can be used to enclose any area available whether residential recreational or storage. Using this method will create privacy in the quickest and most feasible manner.

    Internal Walls

    With a fast and dynamic environment like house office & commercial buildings that always have changes in their requirement, prefabricated walls are a great solution. It is quickest, safest & most accurate way to add partitions into your existing structure.

    Roof trusses & clay tile installation

    CFS has become a common alternative for both steel & wooden trusses with design control and galvanized trusses. Several advantages can be achieved including fewer installation risks, more durable product and a faster installation rate.

    Prefb Building Extensions
    Building Extensions

    With a constant change in the real-estate market condition, customers desire and look for the quickest and most economical solutions to extend their existing premises. Whether its a horizontal or vertical extension CFS is definitely the best solution for saving both time & money with negligible QHSE hazards.

  • Our prefab units manufacturing yard is spread on over 200,000 sq. ft of land with a production capacity of over 800 sq. m of buildings a day. With 6 machines rolling & forming cold formed steel section our factory has one of the highest production capacities in the region.

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