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Speed House is now the exclusive producer and distributor for COODOS housing units in UAE.

Speed House is now the exclusive producer and distributor for COODOS housing units in UAE.

May 14, 2020

Hamburg/ Dubai, May 8, 2020– Speed House established in 1974 in the UAE and Hamburg based mobile module supplier LTG Lofts to go have entered into a cooperation: Speed House is now the exclusive producer and distributor for LTG's spectacular, retro-futuristic "coodos" housing units in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. There are several projects already in progress and the first big one will be announced this summer. In the future, users of mobile homes will now be able to live in modern units and also control numerous sustainable functions via their smartphone. Speed House will build the appropriate codoos for the different climate regions in Middle East, North Africa, Asia - Pacific . As part of the cooperation, Speed House will initially produce the first desert prototypes of coodo 32 and coodo pergola right now which will be shown already in July, appointments can be done through
Additional products will follow in the course of the year. Series production of further objects is planned already for summer this year.

LTG's mobile housing units are available in various designs. The modular system allows individual units to be combined and expanded at any time. Depending on your needs, you could for example build complete residential houses or compact holiday homes. The units can also be used as conference rooms, event areas or pop-up stores. Thanks to their standardised dimensions, they are easy to transport and thus offer their users the possibility to easily set up and take down them at different locations.

Michel Hanna at Speed House says: " Due to the recent and impactful changes in the world today, there is a change in the needs for different living and working environments. coodo represents a new form of living and working that allows maximum flexibility and a high degree of customisation due to its flexibility in its placement. In this respect, our production facilities is the perfect complement to manufacture the different coodo modules, with our 45+ years of regional experience in the modular construction sector we will be working with LTG to ensure that the coodos produced in the region are compliant with local requirements. Our location in the UAE along with all the great infrastructure available allows us to easily ship these units to several countries in the GCC, Levant and North African region as well as other countries around the world.

LTG Managing Director Mark Dare Schmiedel adds: "After a short search we found the best partner to cooperate with in the Middle East, very happy about the wide structure Michel has built with his group and the quality that comes with it“.
Not only will coodo-fans in the UAE and Saudi-Arabia benefit from it, but also potential clients in the Asia-Pacific region such as Australia as Speedhouse already delivers constantly here.

About Speedhouse
Speed House Group, based in the UAE, is a family business established back in 1974. Today the group consists of 10 companies operating in the manufacturing, construction and trading sectors with a Guinness Book of Records record entry achieved in 1993 for „`the largest mobile caravan“ and remains unbroken to this day. The group is built on a team of 1200 people from 22 different nationalities. Prefabricated construction has been the core of the groups business since inception and we continue developing and improving our prefab, modular and offsite products and capabilities. With offices in 4 countries and 3 regional factories, we have managed to export our products to 25 countries including the UK, Denmark, Australia, India, Singapore as well as several other countries in the GCC and Middle East region.
We believe that this is the perfect time to introduce a solution like coodo to our region as we are seeing a surge in the remote tourism section that requires modern, durable and technological products like coodo.

About LTG
LTG Lofts to go is a PropTech company from Germany that specialises in the development of mobile modules that have a strong recognition value due to their minimalistic, patented design. LTG offers innovative residential, business and event solutions focused on sustainability, flexibility, design and integration of the latest technology. This summer, hydraulic legs will be available for lifting a coodo in just a few minutes and the SSU (Self-Sustainability Unit) will be available for living in off-grid Units. coodos are distributed under the LTG license model. Country-specific exclusive rights are granted for distribution. There are current licensees in Great Britain, Denmark and now with Speed House also UAE and Saudi Arabia. Negotiations are currently underway with regions in the US, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and Italy. Other Production facilities are located in Poland (nr Krakow), Denmark(nr. Aalborg) and the USA (Brooklyn, NY).

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