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The Pod Company

The Pod Company

The POD Company is established by a team of well experienced and technically strong professionals with more than 30 years of combined experience with pre-engineered bathroom pods, in Europe and 10 years in the UAE. Within the team we have estimated, designed, project managed and installed bathroom pods into hotels, universities, villas and high rise commercial and residential buildings, and we are dedicated to finding the best functional and esthetic solution for each bespoke project, should that be a 5 star hotel room or a student accommodation solution to a given branded specification or suggested by our design team with a wide program from some of our good suppliers on the market. The POD Company is a company under the umbrella of the well-established Speed House Group of Companies, already dealing with the offsite construction of lightweight steel houses, production of GRC as well as building material supply for GCC and the UAE market.

  • Consistent quality
    Consistent quality

    All pods are cast in the same mould, when the reference pod quality is signed off that is then the minimum standard to be supplied.

    Less snagging
    Less snagging

    Considerably less requirement for snagging later on in the often hectic stage of the project.

    Time saving on build program
    Time saving

    Using Pods can easily reduce the overall build program of the project.

    Project specific Design
    Project specific Design

    The Pod is designed and built by an experienced team, specialized in off-site construction technology.

    Less crane time
    Less crane time

    One lift with the crane and all materials and the delivery is completed, no need for pallets for each item to be sent to each floor then each room.

    Less workers, and supervision on site.
    Less workers & supervision on site.

    The project manager can deal with only one contractor instead of a minimum of 10 suppliers and subcontractors.

    No on site storage restriction
    No storage restriction

    No storage space for toilet material at the site, since the module is delivered finished.

    One point of contact
    One point of contact

    No inter-trade or company arguments because we are from the same company and it all coordinated, and therefore no delays.

    Pod Easy maintenance
    Easy maintenance

    Pods installed back to back and location of all the services in the riser shaft gives easy access for maintenance.

    Fully tested
    Fully tested

    Pods are delivered fully tested and our team will be on site when water and power is connected to the building to do the final commissioning.

    Pods Profitable For Owners
    Fixed Price

    A fixed price is agreed on the specification so there will be no surprises, as long as the order is received, drawings and specification are signed off in time to order and get the materials delivered, responsibility for on time delivery is on the pod supplier.

    Fast Installation
    Fast Installation

    The speed of installation on site, 20-30 pods can be positioned a day if the site is ready and pods can also be installed throughout the night.

  • pod work order flow
  • pod production flow
  • Believing that offsite construction is the future of our industry. SH Group has invested heavily in setting up one of the leading off-site construction facility in the region after having delivered over 2000 pods, Our facility has the capacity of producing over 12 modules per day.

  • The pod Company ISO 9001 Certificate
    The pod Company ISO 14001 Certificate
    The pod Company ISO 45001 Certificate