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Qubes - Container Conversions

At QUBES we strongly believe in the ability of recycled shipping containers being the future buildings blocks for various infrastructure needs. With a 70,000 sq. m massive state of the art production facility, backed by 1,600 technical workforces, we offer the right scale and expertise for projects of all shapes & size.


container conversion

QUBES can transform all your imaginations into reality using these magic boxes. We utilize 10', 20',40' and custom sized containers to create spaces like Offices, Accommodations, Hotels, Ablutions, Industrial Units, Villas, Retail Zones, Cafes & Kitchens, Mobile Caravans and Mega Camps (for Mining, Military & Rehabilitation Purposes).

Container Custom Fabrication

We understand that clients can be equally creative or limited by a project requirement. Hence, we also offer custom fabrication options to suit our valued clients need. We can create unorthodox sized boxes as required. Our sister concern, Speed house Interiors also brings on board the ability to finish these units to specific client details including the soft furnishings.

Realistic Layout and Achievable Designs with containers

Our in-house design team is specialized in developing our client's imagination right from the mood board to a realistic layout and achievable design. We believe in bringing out our own flavor and fun to these concepts always keeping the client's requirement at foresight.

container trading storage

QUBES at any point of time stocks several of these container units for both conversion, trading and leasing purposes. We offer New and Used 20' and 40': Standard, High Cube, Open top, Reefer, flat Racks and tank tainer units for sale and long term lease.

  • A shipping container
  • Container Engineering Units
    20' Standard
    Container Toilets/Bathrooms
    40' Standard
    Container Schools
    20' OPEN TOP
    Container Offices
    40' OPEN TOP
    Container Accomdations
    20' high cube
    Container Toilets/Bathrooms
    40' high cube
    Container Clinics/Hospitals
    20' flat rack
    Container Offices
    40' flat rack
    Container Clinics/Hospitals
    20' reefer
    Container Offices
    40' reefer
  • Consistent quality

    Shipping containers can be adapted to many uses and we can work with you to make sure the design suits all your needs and requirements.

    Less snagging

    Containers can be easily transported on the back of a truck, train, plane or a ship enabling flexibility in modes of transport as per region.

    Time saving on build program

    There are multiple combinations and design possibilities when using containers.

    Project specific Design
    Adaptable to location

    Having been designed with a view to optimize logistics, it can be adapted to practically any location or setting.

    Less crane time

    Containers are used globally to ship valuable goods. This makes them a safe box to base your projects on.

    Less workers, and supervision on site.

    Even with their lower construction cost, shipping container homes will last as long as traditionally built homes or even more. Also making relocating your whole building possible in an economical way.

    No on site storage restriction

    Shipping containers are very versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications.

    One point of contact

    40ft shipping container weights over 3,500KG. When upcycling shipping containers, several tons of steel are saved. Also due to minimum foundation requirements, the carbon footprints are greatly reduced.

  • 30-50 %
    Cheaper Than Conventional Construction
    90 %
    Less Maintenance Cost
    75 %
    Faster Build Time
    50 - 75
    Years Life Span
  • Raw Container
    1Raw Container
    Rockwool Installation
    3Rockwool Installation
    Wall Installation
    4Wall Installation
    Doors Installation
    5Doors Installation
    Ready to Occupy
    6Ready to Occupy